When passion and attention to detail meet organizational talent and creativity, then “Hot & Cold – Finest Catering” is born.

David Tzschirner

David is a trained pastry chef and comes from a pastry dynasty. After several years of professional experience, he switched to a renowned large-scale catering company and became chef de cuisine there. His attention to detail and the desire to offer his guests something special led him to self-employment and upscale gastronomy. Since 2009 he has been denying major events, sometimes with tens of thousands of guests.


  • Egger Orthoplastik Kempten (Trade fair support since 2011)
  • Optica Billing Center Dr. Guldner GmbH (Trade fair support since 2015))
  • Scratch Pharmacovigilance (Certificate events continuously since 2009)
  • Polygonvatro (Christmas party with molecular gastronomy, 1600 guests, 2018)
  • Sparkasse Oberhessen (Christmas events with 1200 guests, since 2012)
  • Construction company Adolf Lupp (Accompaniment of various company events and Christmas party, anniversary celebration 100 years with 1500 guests)
  • Esso Hamburg (100th anniversary, 1200 guests)
  • Siemens company party in Austria (800 guests, 2014)
  • Flaschenring Butzbach (50th anniversary, 600 guests)
  • Open Air Cinema Butzbach (Catering organization over 14 days, a total of 16,000 guests from 2009 – 2014)