When you think of a successful celebration, don’t delicious cocktails immediately come to mind? Fruity-sweet pina coladas, refreshing caipirinhas, sparkling champagne cocktails or another favorite cocktail? We make it possible and bring a good mood to your event! Because our experience shows: At parties with a cocktail bar, people dance more, laugh more and celebrate more. Your guests will still be raving about the beautiful event in the following year.

Whether it’s a company party, trade fair event, wedding or private celebration – a cocktail bar is the icing on the cake and gives your event a touch of exclusivity!

Tradition meets modernity at - 196°C
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Molecular Gastronomy

It smokes and steams, cracks and foams and unfolds in the mouth to a taste explosion! Molecular cuisine is catering of a special kind and will amaze your guests. Instead of using a wooden spoon and frying pan, we conjure up a special kind of taste experience with a pipette and Petri dish.

Pina colada foam on spoons, garnished with an amaretto pearl. Sparkling caipirinha glowing in black light. Espuma pralines, prepared in liquid nitrogen, taste like passion fruit in the summer, baked apples in the Christmas season or slightly tart coffee. Or how about ice cream that is prepared in seconds? Imagine how your guests look over the shoulder of our molecular cook as the highlight of the evening and elicit one or two culinary secrets from him – so that you can taste and experience the experience immediately!

Molecular gastronomy was invented by the Spanish master chef Ferran Adira, and we bring his fine art to your celebration!

  • As a highlight at your wedding, when our master confectioner and molecular cook prepares the dessert in front of your guests.
  • To inspire your customers at trade fairs and to present your product tastefully and innovatively. Pens and flyers are forgotten. A molecular journey of pleasure will be remembered and will delight your customers for a long time. You will be remembered!
  • At company celebrations, opening celebrations or anniversaries, your employees will receive a culinary gift of the superlative.

Your imagination is the limit!

Your Event – Our Expertise!